Oct. 15, 2015
Our ILR Champion Mach One daughter, Argentine Black Pearl, presented us with this stunning little girl on Sunday noon by Argentine Simpatico. We named her Argentine Tourmaline, an exotic Opal (October’s birthstone), “Malley” for short. She is as friendly as she is beautiful, walking up to us to be petted anytime we are out with them. Pearl has been a “text book” perfect mom and also very tolerant of any visitors. Malley gained three lbs. in just a little over two days, Yeah!


Gene and Betty Moe welcome you to Llama Dreams. We live in the beautiful high desert country of Central Oregon, some 30 miles NW of Bend. This is a perfect climate to raise llamas, and they look magnificent with the gorgeous backdrop of ten snow-capped mountains visible from our home.


We fell in love with llamas in 2002 after admiring them from afar for many years. We had many years of involvement with horses (professionally), cattle, sheep and goats, but when we got our first llamas we knew we wanted to have them for the rest of our lives. Many of the llama people we have met along the way have become close friends, and we have so enjoyed introducing new people to the wonderful world of llamas.We have had such great times with our llamas, going on hikes, to parades, playdays, library visits, pumpkin patches, and of course showing. The whole llama experience has enriched our lives tremendously.We’d love to share that experience with you and introduce you to our award-winning, magnificent, friendly llamas we are raising.