About Us

We have come from a long and successful background of Arabian horse breeding and showing. We have applied the same careful consideration to our llama breeding program. That has taken us to many top ribbons including Regional and National Championships. Along the way we refined our goals of breeding the best llamas we could. We set out to produce gentle, friendly llamas that were tall, long necked, correct legged, well-balanced, and fluid moving with attractive heads and look-at-me presence. We studied what the most successful breeders in the industry were producing, and then began acquiring llamas from renowned and proven bloodlines to improve our own program.
We have seen an increasing marketability of premium llama fiber, and the need for producing fine, dense, lustrous fiber on our llamas. We determined that adding Argentine blood to our breeding program would best help us increase those qualities in our herd. We also were attracted to their unique, robust body-style, large leg bone and feet, and their exceptionally easy-going dispositions and of course their exceptional quality and density of their fiber.

The Argentine sires we chose for our breeding program were from the most influential Argentines brought into the United States in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. There are currently only about 400 full Argentines in all of North America. They make an impact wherever they go. Even the part-Argentines strongly exhibit their very recognizable looks and gentleness. They are aptly called the “Teddy Bears” of the llama world.

We are now concentrating our breeding program on our full Argentines. We currently have seven full Argentine females of the most influential and impressive producing bloodlines that were imported (originally from Argentine, via Chile).We have kept one 3/4 Argentine female that is so spectacular that we could not bear to part with her. As of this writing, July of 2016, we have four of our females due to have full Argentine crias in September and October. Two of these females are Argentine Mach One(ET) daughters, bred to Argentine Simpatico (ET) (unfortunately deceased). One is a Argentine Yecu daughter bred to Mach One, and one is a Kobra daughter also bred to Mach One. Some of their crias may be for sale.

We would love to have you visit our farm in person in Central Oregon, or if you are unable to come see us, we will be posting new photos of our current Argentines and new crias throughout the year, so keep checking back on our website. And we certainly will love hearing from any of you and your interest in breeding Argentine llamas.

Below is a panoramic view of Llama Dreams Argentines. We are on ten acres (with two homes) in a 12,000 acres small acreage subdivision that is between The Crooked River and The Deshutes River 14 miles NW of Redmond, Oregon. We are surrounded by other five acres parcels with homes and close to thousands of acres of BLM lands.