Shared ownership of Argentine Mach One (ET)

  • Posted: August 12, 2015 
  • by Rich Lay   -  
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We are thrilled to announce today’s purchase by R & G Acres of shared ownership of the incomparable Argentine Mach One (ET). Thank you to Betty & Gene Moe for allowing us to share ownership. This purchase will allow both ranches breeding access to Mach One as we prepare for our joint Llama Dreams/R & G Acres Argentine Production Sale in March, 2016. In addition to our ranches offering offspring of Mach One, along with females bred to him, we will be offering offspring and animals bred to the six other outstanding Argentine studs owned by the respective ranches. In all, the two ranches anticipate offering online, with the support of Justin Timms Auction Service, approximately 50 head of Argentine llamas and/or females bred to produce offspring that are at least 50% Argentine breeding. Watch for more details in the days ahead!